Q&A with Tom Sébastien’s online team

I want to check out all the dresses from all collections, how can I do that? What should I do before my appointment?

No problem – each visit has its own limited time. During the meeting, it is best to keep a list of the dresses you would like to try on that day, so that we can see what style and design suits you best. If you find that you want to be well prepared before registering your appointment, note down which dresses you wish to try on with TS Bridal Stylist.

Where can I buy my Tom Sébastien dress? Where?

Find the nearest boutique in your area. You can come to our flagship store in Warsaw, Poland (Europe). Sometimes there are held trunk shows with our wedding dress line. Check out the upcoming Trunk Show in New York Tom Sebastien.

Do we offer discounts on previous collections?

Tom Sebastien sells wedding dresses at fixed prices on the world market. We cannot offer you lower prices for previous collections.

How do I become an official retailer of Tom Sébastien dresses?

If you own a wedding boutique and your customers are still asking about our gowns, please contact our office at info@tomsebastien.com with all the information and we will let you know what steps to follow.

How can I contact Tom Sébastien to get photos for the magazine and my blog? How do I get more information for my materials?

Thank you for your interest and your willingness to write about us. Send us an email to info@tomsebastien.com and our team will provide you with the necessary information.

How should I wash my TS dress after my wedding?

Remember, your dress is made of very sensitive and delicate fabrics, therefore do not use strong chemicals in the usual dry cleaner’s for your wedding dress. Check in with a professional laundry that does wedding dresses so they can clean your dress by hand after the wedding.

May TS dresses have a lining? Do I have such an option?

The design of the wedding dress Tom Sébastien is a designer – created work that was made as shown in the photo and video. For a better comfort, you can choose a soft lining in the skirt to make you feel better. You decide how you want to look on that special day and how your dream wedding dress should look!

Can I make minor changes to TS projects? How does it work?

Contact the nearest store selling TS dresses for more information, or call our flagship boutique in Warsaw to find out more.

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